Acoustic analysis

Our company, SAI ATIS s.r.o., offers a complex way of dealing with your excessive noise issues. Nowadays, problems with excessive noise are very common and almost every establishment, factory or any other workplace have to cope with them. The employers are obliged to monitor the noise level in the workplace and secure a safe working environment for their employees. If excessive noise level is monitored in a workplace, the employer is legally obliged to reduce the noise pollution of the workplace to the permitted limit.

Acoustic consulting

We provide professional consulting and advisory services in acoustics. Our certified professionals will carry out an acoustic analysis of the noise level in your workplace. The outcome of the acoustic analysis forms a base upon which qualified decisions are taken about further procedures and about the selection of the most suitable solution for reducing the noise level in the given establishment. Based on the analysis outcome, we put together a proposal on the realization of the actual noise reducing measures. We assess every order individually and suggest the most appropriate noise reducing measures for every case.
We focus on noise reducing systems in the form of acoustic enclosures, absorptive and resonator silencers, noise barriers and screens, steam silencers and thermo-acoustic insulation.

By means of a detailed acoustic analysis, we are able to choose the most suitable noise reducing measures for your establishment and do away with your excessive noise issues. Put your trust in us and say goodbye to noise problems in your establishment or factory.

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