Noise silencers

We have been on the market long enough to be able to offer qualified consulting and advisory services in acoustics.

Our company offers top notch noise reducing systems manufactured by well-tried suppliers from the Czech Republic as well as from the rest of Europe. All of our subcontractors undergo close examination so that we can offer only the best quality and highly functional noise reduction products. All noise silencers and acoustic enclosures are designed specifically according to our clients’ needs and on the basis of a detailed acoustic analysis. This analysis and its assessment serve as a base for a qualified decision on the best possible solution for each individual order.
Our offer includes effective steam silencers, link absorptive silencers and resonator silencers. These systems are very popular and widely used anywhere where there is a need to reduce excessive noise, either directly at the noise source or anywhere within its reach.

Noise reducing measures

Contact us and we will send a qualified team of professionals who will do the necessary acoustic measurements. After the noise analysis is done we will put together a complex report, select the appropriate subcontractors and install the noise reducing measures, either in the shape of noise silencers or acoustic enclosures.

We are ready to help you deal with your excessive noise issues. Contact us and you will be surprised at how much will the noise be reduced or even eliminated after we have installed the concrete measures designed by our company.

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