Noise barriers and screens

Our company specialises in noise reduction by installing noise barriers and noise screens for industrial and energetic equipment. If you choose to have your noise barriers or screens provided by us, we guarantee that you will get the most effective solution of reducing the noise level.

Types of noise barriers and screens

Noise barriers and screens can be used outside as well as inside.

The most important thing is the best possible results. That is why SAI ATIS’s services include an acoustic analysis carried out in advance, which helps us to select the type of the noise barrier or screen adjusted according to your needs and specifications. Industrial and energetic facilities are among the environments with the highest levels of noise pollution. Mostly, our noise barriers are used to reduce the noise of transformers, cooling units, manufacturing lines, machine tools, shaping machines, etc.

Some examples of machine tools which can benefit from the noise barriers are: lathes, drills, milling machines, grinders, metal saws, etc. High noise reducing results can be attained by using our equipment for shaping machines like presses, bending machines, power hammers, blooming mills etc. The main purpose of the noise screen is reduction of the noise made by industrial and energetic equipment. The shape, size and composition of the noise barrier or noise screen are designed according to the noise, space and operating conditions. As with our other services, our company will not only carry out the acoustics analysis, but will also suggest and install the noise barrier or noise screen.

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